The Cellar

The Cellar at Tenuta Luce, designed to be in perfect harmony with the landscape.

In the Cellar at Tenuta Luce we work carefully and patiently, preserving a history that started twenty-five vintages ago.

The Cellar at Tenuta Luce, an example of harmony with the landscape.

Our Cellar is in the centre of Tenuta Luce.

Built on one level, under a hill with two pre-existing farmsteads, it is designed for the ageing and preservation of our wines, respecting the surrounding landscape and nature: natural beauty and human beauty together for Tenuta Luce.

A sober and functional space, but also full of the warmth of our wines. The perfect cradle for wines that express the excellence of a region.

Wine has its rhythms, like Nature.
Rhythms that must be respected.

Later, grapes are further selected on selection tables. Soft pressing and wild-yeast fermentation follow.

After vinification, it’s time to wait for the wine to rest and evolve in its character in barrels and barriques.

Time and waiting must be respected so that our wines can fully develop their personality.

Collezione Luce.

Following the journey of Wine in the Cellar you arrive at Collezione Luce, an intimate place where you can be guided.

Like an ancient library full of meticulously illustrated and precious books, Collezione Luce preserves and tells the story of Luce.

In this cosy space a dim light gives a golden nuance of sacredness.

A visit to the winery offers the chance to see all of our history, vintage after vintage, in a harmonious place built following the golden ratio.

Everything is golden, warm and welcoming. A treasure chest of beauty, the beauty of Luce.


In the vineyards of Tenuta Luce, in Montalcino, we respect the harmony of the elements, and produce wines considered among Tuscany’s finest wines.



As of the 2012 vintage, Luce adds an authentication seal to every bottle before shipment.



In Tenuta Luce della Vite every choice we make for our wines from Montalcino is made to enhance the terroir and produce fine wines from Tuscany.

Luce della Vite 25