Verifying the authenticity of a bottle of Luce.

Since the 2012 vintage a seal on the bottle speaks for Luce.

Guaranteeing origin and integrity.

The seal applied to all bottles of Luce before shipment contains the information relating to the specific bottle in question and is recorded in a database accessible to the consumer. The seal, created by Prooftag ™, offers double protection: it prevents tampering with the capsule, certifying the origin and integrity of the bottle and clearly highlights any attempts at alteration. This is thanks to Bubble Tag ™, consisting of a translucent polymer in which a random configuration of bubbles is self-generated by physical reaction, unique for each bottle and as individually identifiable as a fingerprint.

The Bubble Tag ™ is associated to both an alphanumeric code and a QR code.

How to identify an official bottle.

A bottle of Luce can be identified and authenticated at any time by comparing the Bubble Tag ™ on the seal affixed to the bottle with what will appear on our Tenuta Luce website after entering the alphanumeric code.


Enter the alphanumeric code of your bottle or photograph the QR code of the bottle with your smartphone [or tablet] using the I-Proof or Mobiltag applications.