Supertuscan wines

The art of wine, in just one bottle

If we talk about supertuscan wines, then we refer to those that are the real Italian exclusive wines. Even though they do not derive from monovitigno, in fact, the blends from which they are produced are selected in years of hard work and great passion. But the result is truly superior.

Tenuta Luce offers, in its selection of supertuscan wines, its iconic bottle which is the Luce della Vite, a true explosion of aromas and flavors that derive from a blend of Sangiovese and Merlot grapes grown in the splendid area of ​​Montalcino, where the well-known Brunello is also produced.

If you want a tasting of the best of supertuscan wines, the Luce vineyard is waiting for you to delight you with one of the most exclusive Italian wines: its prestigious Luce della Vite!