A name, Vittorio, and a family, their quality being rewarded with three Michelin stars.
For over 45 years Ristorante Da Vittorio has been a synonym of a unique culinary style, born from the wisdom of its founder, Vittorio, and developed by his children, who added the most current techniques to tradition. Today, Bruna Cerea takes care of the restaurant with her five children. Enrico and Roberto work as chefs, Francesco is responsible for the cellar and the off-location catering, Rossella of the hospitality in the Ristorante and in the Dimora, and Barbara runs Cavour 1880, the café and pastry shop in Bergamo Alta. The concept of “Lombard tradition and creative genius” perfectly represents the fil rouge in the menus that the Cerea brothers update constantly. The most diverse palates and culinary tastes can find enjoyment and novelty: meat and fish, game and seafood, truffles and mushrooms as well as vegetables – everything is interpreted in an original style that also considers the new frontiers of wellbeing cuisine.


Enrico Cerea

Enrico Cerea, also known as Chicco, Bruna’s and Vittorio’s firstborn, was charmed by his passion for cooking when he was still a child, so much so that every free moment, starting from school holidays, meant he had a chance to follow and study the secrets of international cuisine. With the support of a talent he never boasts about, he has acquired a very personal style, by mixing Vittorio’s recipes with the sensitivity and techniques he acquired over the years. He has never stopped learning.

Roberto Cerea, known as Bobo, works by Enrico’s side. He has also studied and researched at length, participating in many internships, refining his techniques and skills. His particular love for “first courses” translates into a series of delicious and charming recipes that recall the finest Mediterranean tradition.


Antica Bottega del Vino

Santo Stefano Belbo

Guido da Costigliole


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