Cellars tour Montalcino

Luce vineyard: the place to go

A cellars tour of Montalcino, during a holiday in Tuscany, is absolutely obligatory both for wine lovers and for those who love to know the truest tradition and culture of the regions they visit.

A visit to the Luce vineyard is highly recommended: its cellar is one of the most beautiful in the area and is set on one floor just inside the hill on which there are the old farmhouses that once were the residence of the family. Very interesting within the winery are the famous super tuscan wines that arise from a skilful blend of merlot and sangiovese.

If you are looking for a cellars tour of Montalcino where you really can touch the wine-making tradition of one of the most famous places in Italy, an afternoon at Luce vineyard will surely give you an unforgettable emotion.