Luce della Vite vineyard

True tuscan wines

Luce della Vite vineyard is located in Tuscany and more precisely in the area of ​​Montalcino. Its specialty is to produce some of the most exclusive wines among the best Italian wine excellences and the goodness of his bottles has been repeatedly highlighted by national and international awards and prizes.

The story of Luce vineyard and its wines began in the '90s, when Vittorio Frescobaldi met Robert Mondavi and gave life to his project: producing not only great quality wines but also Tuscan wines with a well-defined character.

This is how Brunello Luce, Luce della Vite and Lucente were born in the Luce della Vite cellars: the first is an icon wine of the estate and is a modern interpretation of the traditional Brunello da Montalcino. Luce della Vite, instead, is a supertuscan born from the selected blend of Sangiovese and Merlot. Lucente is an excellent wine aged in barrique for 12 months in the cellar and it is unique for its pleasantness and fullness of taste. All three bottles are available with authentication.

Moreover, it is certainly prestigious to remember that some vintages of these wonderful Tuscan wines have been repeatedly beaten at Christies wine auctions in London.