Tuscany and Montalcino

Montalcino is our home. It’s our Land.

The Land of Tenuta Luce.

Montalcino is a terroir with an exceptional vocation for wine production, where some of the most exclusive Italian wines are born.

A Land of gentle hills, caressed by the Air in the shape of constant winds, warmed up by the Sun, giving energy, nourished by water, by the rain we wisely preserve.

Montalcino is a place in perfect harmony with the vineyards surrounding it, where nature is still untouched and rich in biodiversity.

A typical Tuscan landscape where you can find vineyards, olive groves and forests. Hilly landscapes that give life to exceptional products, to exclusive wines made in Italy.

Tenuta Luce: elements in harmony in the heart of Tuscany.

Spread of the gentle hills south-west of the village of Montalcino, the Vineyards of Tenuta Luce della Vite grow in a land rich in biodiversity, one of the finest areas for vine growing.

Indeed this is the home to Brunello di Montalcino, one of Italy’s most famous wines.


The harmony of Earth, Air, Water and Sun.

Our men are fully aware that the Sun, in order to give energy and life, must be in harmony with the other primary elements. This is why we work our Land wisely, so that the roots can grow deep, where nutrients and Water are less affected by the climate.

The contribution of the Air is also essential, in the shape of a constant wind.

Finally, green manure based on different vegetal species, has deep roots that penetrate the soil making it softer and richer in organic substances and nutrients.

We grow the vines carefully, respecting the nature.

It’s not just about making Super Tuscan wines: we grow the vineyards always and strictly following the vocation of each plot.

In Tenuta Luce, Merlot grows on mixed-clayey soil, and Sangiovese on sandy soils rich in cleavage. Giving value to each grape variety is the foundation to our work at Luce in Montalcino.


The history of Tenuta Luce, the story of a dream that has the Frescobaldi family producing great Tuscan wines from Montalcino.


Stelle di Luce

For Luce, excellence is a crucial value. It is the ambition and the goal of a wine aware of its uniqueness. It’s the keyword of its entire mission, an essential element of all its connections with the world.



In Tenuta Luce’s Cellar, we work with patience and care, and preserve our history, in Collezione Luce.